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Sunday, August 23, 2009

From Istanbul to Boston

Hello Friends,

This is my first blog. As an ordained rabbi but also as an academic, I plan to write about various issues, including the limits of liberal religion, different biblical teachings, various challenges facing World Jewry, but also about classical music and family, two topics of personal interest. I maintain that dialogue is possible when there is good will and when people respect one another. I plan to write clearly and succinctly.

I welcome your comments.

Best wishes.

Rifat Sonsino


  1. Congratulations Rifat. I'll look forward to learning your reactions to different things, especially events affecting world Jewry, like trends in Reform movement.

    David Gumpert

  2. Felicitaciones!
    Gracias por este nuevo blog. Se que resultará de mucho interés para muchas personas.
    Todos los temas que me interesan se describen, pero esperarè con máximo interés, los relacionados con el judaísmo Reformista y la música clásica.

  3. Kol hakavod! I'm looking forward to having an added venue for reading your thoughts and teachings in the months ahead.

    Todd Markley

  4. Turkey-Israel

    Hi From Israel
    Originaly from Turkey I am very interesting about your Blog
    Wish you all the Best
    Love and Light
    Jale Arditti

  5. Thanks for your encouragements. Please see my new blog on "The Chief Rabbi and I."